Lies at some point everyone has dealt with it. But what is more important is was it really necessary at the end of the day. All I said to that kid is STOP!! Don’t take it so hard on yourself we’re humans and we make mistakes but that doesn’t mean you slog your entire life with your past and letting it daunt you. Circumstances lead us to things we never imagine. But most of all now since you’ve dealt with the bad you now know what to avoid, whom to trust and most of all start leading life your way!! Your still young and have lots more to come for a minute just take time and think the person you criticized you has his own flaws and to prove your worth to him just start over with what is left. It’s definitely hard given but move ahead walk into the life of your dreams.

But the truth is when we fall it takes time to get up; push hard and this time we’re well aware that it takes more effort and inner strength and also of the consequences of not doing what we had intended earlier.. You know the times when you work hard and you’re resting awaiting its results and there’s a pinch of guilt reconsidering the fact that performance could have been better and the thief of all times ‘procrastination’ should have been avoided. The mind its just flooded with thoughts of the past and so apprehensive of the future.. I don’t know if this is what is called a transit period or its just going to remain a Mystery by itself where in I just give up!! Does something that questions my integrity; should be a part of my life and be so powerful!!

Everyone is apprehensive about the future, but don’t let fear control you but instead use it as fuel and boost your jet ahead into the warmth and behold let it show you the magic the hidden potential within.The flowers berries let it all bloom make spring. Don’t let the harsh winter bother you and take away all moisture leaving behind a scaly and dry skin; don’t let summer either to dehydrate you and leave you with the parched throat nor let the rains flood your mind with pain.



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  1. I am sorry I was unable to read part 1. I understand very well what you are saying. I was ironically raised on the premise of colorizing lies a white lie, not so bad in order to not hurt another. A black lie is the worst.

    My gosh I mixed and my grand are mixed and I have been raised with colorized words. I am going to let that go, but in all honesty I am taken aback.

    Back to you, as I ran into unfortunate souls who can not define the difference, I claim that any fool who would hurt you is the one who lost the most.

    Be well and know you are kind

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    1. thoughts68 says:

      Thank you :-*
      We can only control our actions and irrespective of what others say at the end of the day it all depends on the way we perceive things. People who truly love us will definitely understand!!

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      1. Absolutely and those who don’t can also love you.

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  2. Hey I would like to nominate you for the Blogger Recognition Award. Hope you’ll like it 🙂

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    1. thoughts68 says:

      Of-course I liked it 🙂 I’ve posted, look at it and let me know what you think of it.. Emoticons it is!!

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