Blogger Recognition Award ❤

 Life to me is like a book 📒and everyday a new page 📝 ,which gives us another chance to do what we love❤ We must learn to improve and enhance our abilities, we all make mistakes and take wrong decision and we are punished for it but in my opinion at the end of the day what matters is just this one question “Am I really happy? ” And if the answer is ‘yes’ it means I’m heading the right way…  All the people reading this please take a minute off and really ask yourself!! If the answer is a ‘no’ please stop and think what you’re doing wrong and change it immediately!! 

#What is this reward 🏆 Why isn’t everyone given a first prize??🏅 In a football ⚽ match why is that only 1 team wins?
3 questions but the answer is the same awards are means of recognition, all the effort and hard-work put in by and individual or team is recognized on a platform.  

 The Wounded Healer blog had nominated me.. Thank you for this challenge, My journey as a blogger is wonderful I got to meet a lot of people who share so many views I have found a lot of like-minded people who makes me really happy  😀

My advice for other bloggers  Stay happy 🙂 and enjoy what you are doing!!




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  1. This is awesome! I’m so glad you think this way 🙂

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    1. thoughts68 says:

      Thank you Rekha Sahay 🙂

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