These two proverbs are common and all of us have come across it at some point. The reason I clubbed them is cause I feel that both are interconnected and one gives rise to another. Before reading this article any further I want you bloggers to post that bad habit of yours that has become so hard to do away with. All of us do have habits we want to do away with, none be so perfect. So let me be honest and let you all know that I’ve been a victim of idealism and have developed some bad habits as well which have now become so hard to do away with.

So what are the remedies; I don’t believe that merely the thought of doing away with it or resolutions like ‘I’m going to be good’ is going to work. All that is just fictional. For those who didn’t post that habit just think of when you’ve been like this year is gone now let the New Year come and definitely next year on-wards I’ll stick to my resolutions. Oh that perfect date and time we believe in; it only exists in the mind or maybe for some weeks that be of the really committed people.

So then how to get rid of these I don’t think there is any cure we as human beings give in some day or the other. ‘Procrastination’ definitely gets to us and never let’s go until major ‘failure’ and ‘depression’ sets in again I wouldn’t say let’s go it just adopts a more gruesome  form. Some habits being so bad for physical, mental, physiological and psychological health. It torments us and disturbs our stability we are still not able to do away with.

Is it cause we don’t fear the consequences or we just take things for granted. So then what do we do, how do we get rid of the habits, where do we  begin from all these questions just continue to boggle our mind and then its like we have no effective solution we feel so lost in the world by gone far away.

So I’ve made up my mind to do away with  Procrastination, Pessimism and Laziness. It is easier said than done! Bloggers share your thoughts on the bad habits you have and how you let go of it!!


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  1. kristinakoti says:

    I have lots of bad habits, one of the worst is smoking! There I said it :p
    It’s a matter of self control. I know it sounds so technical and clinical, but it’s as simple as that. I’ve read “The Marshmallow Test” author Walter Mischel, a great book and it really helps. Of course we are our own miracle workers, but it feels like it shows you how the mechanisms really work.
    I am a “growth mindset” believer, I believe that we are able to change and improve our traits through hard work and persistence. There is no such thing as fixed talent or potential, you need to earn it and yes it might be hard, but hey that’s also the best part.
    So, I recommend the book, if you haven’t read it yet. You get to understand yourself much better :). It worked for me.


    1. thoughts68 says:

      You must quit smoking!
      And yes at the end of the day it is self control we must learn to be responsible for our actions.

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  2. Gemma says:

    Nice blog, I definitely have some bad habits that I need to work on! Good read! If you’d like to look/follow my blog, it’s https://myhappycornerblog.wordpress.com


  3. thoughts68 says:

    So this blog was just to put it right out that all of us have bad habits, and the reason that its more predominant at times is when we go into Idealism and I think that we must stop and learn to be happier people and give away the negative thoughts.
    kristinakoti and gemma thanks for the effort.


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