The entire ocean water 🌊 is salty but then there lay one drop💧 who wasn’t ready to form a part of that community💦 it preferred the river🏞  as it felt that the ocean is just mighty but it can’t quench the thirst whereas the river is swift and everyone is dependent on it, I’d rather be here and stay happy.

Is it wrong for the drop to think that way life expects you to be different and stand out then why not think that way. But it was judged and isolated on thinking from that point of view nobody approached it the drop felt isolated but it tried hard to push against the river current so that it wouldn’t have to meet the sea or ocean but how long could it do that the current was to strong and it had reached the delta already there was no turning back now it was left with no choice.

The mighty sea made this drop feel inferior. The drop began questioning its own individuality am I capable of joining this place or am I just going to get lost here I don’t even like this place. The other drops there made it feel so low of itself the drop just couldn’t stand on its own it was breaking apart everyday with time it felt like it was losing its existence.

Where exactly does the truth lie? Is it in the midst of living a lonely life or in being surrounded by a bunch of people you don’t like. At some point of life you feel stuck and its like your walking a path you never wanted to it is at that point you want to be surrounded by love and tenderly care but the reality is life just hits you harder.

That feeling of love and tender care you get at home. You know its absolute worth and how nothing in the world can match that when you  move into a new place. When you are surrounded by hypocritical and insensitive beings is when you realize and start wondering if everyone really is Homo sapiens? Cause some seem like they shouldn’t even exist. The kind of attitude and behavioral pattern being portrayed by them you just prefer being lonely cause that is more joyous. Their ill-mannered speech and unethical and  horrible outlook of life makes you feel you should have never met them.The saying is look for the positive and given this condition all that is experienced is the feeling of hatred and disgust.

The drop of water in the ocean feels so cold and dark like all it can hear is its own breath and right now it wishes for it to stop. I can’t handle this anymore just take me away let me forget about all this, I want peace. It yells out still nobody hears, It tries to look for a ray of hope, in vain all that’s there is just darkness the waves are calm nobody else is disturbed.I question myself why am I the only one experiencing such emotions why do I feel so out-of-place!!



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  1. LeeArango123 says:

    This lovely poem reflects my feelings lately

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    1. thoughts68 says:

      I’m glad you were able to connect to the feelings 🙂

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