The serene and calm moment in life just like the receding waves of the sea, but deep inside there’s the fear of when the tsunami is going to emerge. While setting of along the path little did I know I’ll reach such a standstill situation where I would feel so lost. Is it laziness,lust or some sort of psychic disorder? Or it might be totally normal to feel this way! Maybe I’ve fallen in love with things and been so involved ; that my priorities have been forgotten.
I just want to cry out so loud that my ears go deaf, my eyes be so full that my vision get blurry and my throat be strained that I can’t utter a word. Is it a phase of depression? The problem is there and it’s locked inside the body, but where’s the key? How do you let the monster out, it’s an abstract nobody can see it, only you can feel it through every cell in your body, and the cold feeling in your veins of letting your loved ones down is felt in every breath taken.
Why can’t the sea remain calm and not cause any devastations? Is it possible to get back up? We as humans beings at lot of times question our inner strength, we just need to get back up dust ourselves. Stand up for ourselves. The competition is increasing world wide and to stay strong in any domain irrespective of however demanding it be there’s only one solution self confidence and belief that irrespective of the circumstances I will achieve what I set out my mind on. I’ve started in a new path way without much background but with my continuous hard work and perseverance I’ll reach out to what I set my heart on fire. Leave the past in its rightful place and work on the present for a better future. Keep the fire burning and stay hungry and curious at all times.Ā 

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