Pen is mightier than the sword. 11/08/2018

I believe words are more powerful than action and in life we come across many instances when we’re forced to accept reality and move on helplessly even though we’re right. Life can get painful and push us to the extreme, and  we’re still expected to keep our clam. This is a true story that I would like to share.
It was a rather stressful day and I was heading back home. Driving in the endless traffic is a real test of patience, all I wanted now was to head back home jump into my pyjamas and get a good night sleep. There was so much chaos around and it was demanding all my attention, people were everywhere just trying to fit through any gap and make their way out of this puzzle, it was like a game of maze and every step I progressed it was like new pieces getting added on, as a kid I liked puzzles and even game of life was a good pass time back them,little did I know that growing up things would become so hard to deal with it. The constant honking and all the pollution around was test of patience. On my seat, seatbelt on foot on the clutch and break I waited patiently to accelerate and make my way out. And then all of a sudden..!!

I feel  like I’m struck by a thunderbolt, I’ve been hit so hard that the jerk has created an imbalance, when on the wheels high alert is the rule, even though you completely follow this rule the rest of the crowd need not necessarily do the same. The sudden imbalance caused such a tremor in my mind and I didn’t even know how to react. All alone even though there were so many other being of my species around I just felt so alienated and helpless. These are the moments in life when you realise that everything is so instantaneous and uncertain.

I take a moment and then I look into my rare-view mirror, I give the person behind the wheels a look, he starts making a move towards my right and he just puts up a subtle look, I lower my window and then in his eyes he fakes an apologetic face as though he were to feel my agony. You end up thinking that he is guilty of his mistake. You pull over so that the rest of the crowd need not suffer due to the impact that you had, and little did I know, he was just making an attempt to flee the spot, as if he didn’t have anything to do with what I was facing. It was a clear case of hit and run, I knew that I was already a victim and that I’m not letting anyone get away just like that, I sat back in and started following him, given the traffic around it wasn’t too hard to track him down. He got down and gave me a look, I stared right back fearlessly,he apologized ,is that what I needed a from an irresponsible, guiltless and reckless driver, an apology? You wanted to just run away Mr. And that’s your best getaway, your facial expressions speak more. I asked him clear and firm of that was the way to react. Who is going to pay for the damage, it’s not an unavoidable or small thing that you can just walk away from, How can people be so casual with their actions, when you cause damage the least you could do is to have the courtesy to be apologetic about your actions and take responsibility.

We live in a world were people just claim and don’t take any responsibility of their actions. We have jurisdiction and rules which are to protect us, but in times like these we are just so helpless and lonely and nobody comes to our support or stands up for us. Its for us to just deal with and the rules just merely become sentences in a book that nobody abides to.

The damage was done and now I had to bear the consequences of someone else’s carelessness. There was no point in arguing, I tried to show the person a reflection of himself but he was so reluctant and adamant and didn’t accept his mistake as something he should pay for, to me it seemed like he’s just causal about his actions and doesn’t seem to really think about what the other person is going through. A huge crowd gathered around and we’re witnesses to the scene, but just like any other story at the end of the day is only the victim who experienced the story, the others just mere characters who heard it.



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