Is it an early burn out due to over exhaustion? She asked, but it was neither it was more of laziness and unwillingness to do the task at hand and it felt more like the awakening of the demon inside that was shut out with difficulty. I fear I’ll fail in life, came the answer.

Was it my high expectations from life or was it my overthinking I questioned.

What are the reasons for exams to be conducted,are  we tested to know how much knowledge we gained over the due course of time or is it to judge who gets more marks and gets a distinction at the end of the day. If I were to plan smartly and just study selective topics I could get a 90 I pondered, it was my fault at the end of the day that I didn’t estimate maybe that’s why I stand so lost, so the next question how do I fix it an get right back up? Or was this the end!!


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